Cargo Vessels

Cargo Vessels

Power transmission is via a crankshaft weighing a staggering 300 tons. Of course cargo can also be transported in faster and smaller vessels. But no matter how big or small the vessel: Maritime transportation of goods and raw material plays an ever increasing role in a globalized market.

Voith technology ensures that goods are transported reliably across the world's waters. Drive couplings, drive shafts and the Voith Safeset Coupling are masterpieces of engineering and the result of many years of development. Their reliability and efficiency make them the perfect distinct solution for each cargo vessel. Be it small or XXXL.

Think Big. Very Big.

Dimensions are ever-increasing and limits don't seem to exist. XXXL cargo vessels with a length of 1,300 feet and the ability to carry 15,000 containers ply the world's oceans. Floating giants with engines delivering an amazing 109,000 hp.


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