Floating Cranes

Floating Cranes

While doing so, most of them are on firm ground with their position unchangeable. Floating cranes however do the same work but operate on water. Their positioning can thus change.

Cranes lift loads weighing many tons and move them from one place to another.

Floating cranes have many areas of use:

General salvage work, installation and maintenance of wind turbines, loading and unloading heavy goods or repair work are but examples of their various fields of application. The platforms are located in ports or out at sea. In both cases precise maneuvering to its destination is essential for the floating crane. Once there, it must keep its position without lashing ropes or tugs being required.

It is due to these specific requirements that floating cranes are an ideal area of application for Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP).

With one VSP at the stern and another VSP with a slight diagonal offset at the bow of these pontoon-shaped vessels, these maritime workhorses are perfectly equipped to maneuver precisely and safely. Not to mention their ability to keep their position unaided.
This allows work to be carried out faster and saves time.


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