Cooling Systems for Monorails

Unterwegs in einer neuen Dimension.

Kühlsysteme für Monorails. Kühlen auf hohem Niveau.


Monorails sind die neuen Verkehrsmittel für die Metropolen dieser Welt. Denn sie sind auch dort unterwegs, wo es oft sehr eng zugeht. Und wo große Passagierzahlen im Minutentakt bewältigt werden müssen. Wir planen und liefern Komponenten und komplette Kühlsysteme für Monorails in alle Welt – für alle Leistungsklassen mit drehzahlgeregeltem Ventilatorantrieb.

On the Move in a New Dimension.

Cooling Systems for Monorails. Cooling at a High Level.

Piktogramm Monorail
Installation mode: under the floor

Where monorails are in use, many passengers are moved every few minutes. Our cooling systems are on the move with them. Unobtrusively in the background. They provide the necessary cooling capacity whatever the requirements. They prevent the important vehicle components from overheating, operate reliably, quietly and exactly. Cooling at a high level. To keep things from getting too hot.


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Spare Parts and Service

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Installation modes for electrically powered monorails


  • As a cooling container under the floor

Monorail Unterflur


  • Water-glycol mixtures
  • Mineral oils
  • Silicone oils
  • Ester oils

„Der Ventilator ist ein wesentliches Bauteil im Kühlsystem. Im modular aufgebauten Produktportfolio lässt er sich für jeden Anwendungsfall anpassen – was optimalen Nutzen garantiert.“

Thomas Bassmann,
Produktgruppenleiter Voith Kühlsysteme

Axial Ventilator
Voith Axialventilator


  • Cooling elements made from aluminum
  • Electric drives for fans
  • Electronic control unit for the cooling system
  • Fans made from aluminum, steel or plastic
  • Recirculating pumps for the coolant
  • Air filters
  • Expansion tanks with fill level monitoring

Equipment to be cooled

  • Transformers
  • Traction motors
  • Rectifiers
  • Chokes, electrical resistors

SilentVent – Improvement that Comes Quietly

With the new axial fan, we have improved the aerodynamic characteristics significantly. At the same time, we comply with the strict exhaust gas directives easily.

Great Input Power Requires More Cooling Capacity.

The completely new axial fan provides it. It simultaneously lowers the noise level of the cooling system. The geometry of the new fan has been improved decidedly, and air flows in and out optimized as regards noise generation.

Silent Vent
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Nanocoatings for Cooling Systems – Ensure Outstanding Performance.

Nanotechnology improves corrosion protection. It also helps to keep cooling equipment clean.

In order to ensure that our air-conditioning equipment also functions reliably in critical climate zones or in chemically aggressive surroundings, we now use a completely new coating system based on nanotechnology. This makes it possible to install smaller coolers that provide the same performance and weigh less. Less accumulation of dirt means longer maintenance intervals. Smaller cooling systems reduce vehicle weight – and thus fuel costs. Good for the operator and the environment.

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The Heigts of Cool. Cooling Systems for Monorails

The Heigts of Cool. Cooling Systems for Monorails

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Audibly quieter SilentVent Noise

Audibly quieter SilentVent Noise

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Excellent performance Nano Paint Technology

Excellent performance Nano Paint Technology

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Always Ahead of Time. Cooling Systems for Rail Vehicles

Always Ahead of Time. Cooling Systems for Rail Vehicles

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Market Division Rail. Product Survey

Market Division Rail. Product Survey

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Fans in rail vehicle cooling systems. Energy savings as a result of total systems optimisation.

Fans in rail vehicle cooling systems. Energy savings as a result of total systems optimisation.

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