Voith Radial Propeller

The vessels work safer and more efficiently, thus reducing costs.

Voith provides technical support for both types of energy generation. Take drilling vessels and semi-submersible platforms as examples: Six to eight pivotable Voith Radial Propellers (VRP) enable a drilling platform to remain in position without the need to lay anchor. This allows oil to be extracted safely even in water depths of 10,000 feet. Four fully pivotable Voith Radial Propellers drive the Castoro Sei, an enormous work boat used for pipe laying. The VRP is also a valuable help for special vessels used to build offshore wind farms. The vessels work safer and more efficiently, thus reducing costs.

The world's energy consumption is ever increasing. To date, oil is one of the main raw materials for the generation of energy. However, resources are limited. Finding and extracting them requires working further and further out at sea and in ever increasing depths.

At the same time, offshore wind farms are being built to increase the share of renewable energy sources.

Voith has more than 85 years of experience with propeller systems that combine propulsion and steering in one unit.

This experience gave rise to a robust and reliable technology, that proves its worth even under adverse conditions out at sea. Time and time again.


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Voith Radial Propeller

Voith Radial Propeller

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