Strong against wear - soft on the paper web

Offering excellent and consistent tissue quality, the high-precision SkySoft creping blade is finished with an oxide ceramic coating for exceptional wear resistance and longer lifetime performance. Furthermore, SkySoft has no limits on operation bevels and fits to unique specifications.

Increased tissue production

Constructed of carbon steel and an oxide ceramic coating, SkySoft ensures equal and very low blade wear. Compared to conventional uncoated steel blades, SkySoft excels with a significantly longer lifetime. The special coating also ensures constant production parameters and reliable output, resulting in outstanding creping performance and tissue quality.

Besides easy installation, SkySoft features highly flexible operation bevels. Combined with optimal Yankee metallization, SkySoft can increase the performance level of the tissue machine.

Expertise in tissue production

For 150 years, Voith technologies have been inspiring customers and business partners around the world. As an expert in the tissue industry, Voith offers solutions for the entire tissue machine. In addition to a full range of innovative, reliable products, Voith provides full service support for all machine parts, as well as the overall production process. For example, the worldwide network of Voith specialists provides a fast and tailored Yankee cylinder service.

Benefits of SkySoft 

  • Cost savings due to less machine downtime
  • Increased machine performance by combining optimal Yankee metallization and creping blade
  • No special guiding system required
  • Customized solutions for every requirement - all operation bevels possible
  • Consistent and homogeneous tissue quality, reliable outputs and quality


SkyLine – Doctoring technology

SkyLine – Doctoring technology

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Ralf Moser

Global Product Management


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