Non-contact web turn device for high-quality paper

The CB-Turn is a contactless web turning system. A homogenous and controlled cushion of air turns the paper web from the coating units into the drying section.

Compared to conventional air turns, the bearing surface portion of the CB-Turn is significantly greater and thus reduces the air volume needed to create the air cushion by approximately 30%. Air impingement nozzles and the patented diffuser wings at the web inlet and outlet reduce the amount of air diffused, which as a result stabilizes the air cushion and web run. In addition, an internal air guide protects the CB-Turn from thermal deformations or material stresses that can appear due to the proximity of an infrared dryer.

The CB-Turn can turn paper and cardboard webs in a contactless fashion over 11 meters in width. It is used between the coating units and the dryer section.


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