Regulador HDU

HDU Guide

Reduced fabric edge wear and trouble-free operation

The HDU Guide is a fabric and felt run controller that ensures directional stability of the clothing over a long period. It serves to noticeably reduce edge wear.


A pivot-mounted adjusting lever and spring-compensated adjusting cylinder in the HDU Guide control the machine clothing. Because the most frequent movements in the HDU Guide take place via a pivot, the device is wear resistant and requires minimal maintenance. With a hand wheel or motor, the actuator can be shifted until the pointer on the lever is set at the zero mark on the actuator scale. This places the HDU Guide in the best operating position and requiring the lowest air consumption. The roll weight is compensated via springs. The clothing thus remains in the machine even if there is no air.

The HDU Guide provides for reliable directional stability of the clothing in the wire, press and dryer sections.


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