The highest energy density with output transmission

InfraElectric is a contactless drying system that is used in pre-drying after coating units. Continuous power control allows precise output control from 0 to 100%. 

InfraElectric systems are equipped with halogen lamps that are operated at a maximum 80% of their nominal power, achieving a long service life. Despite the reduced nominal power, the radiator modules can transmit up to 80 kW/mWW/row to the paper web and bring about contactless drying with especially high energy transmission density. Due to additional blowing of the air heated by the lamp onto the paper web, the efficiency of InfraElectric is comparatively high.


InfraElectric is used in pre-drying after coating units, especially in paper and board mills where the costs of electrical energy are roughly comparable to those of gas. In addition, it is compatible with most QCS/DCS systems. In new systems or rebuilds, InfraElectric systems for drying in the machine direction are combined with one or several rows of OnQ ModuleIR for CD moisture control. Due to their compact design, InfraElectric dryers are also very well suited for retrofitting to improve production performance or drying quality.


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