High level of drying quality and stable web run

Voith MCB dryers are hot air dryers that allow gentle, contactless drying of the paper web with high thermal efficiency.

MCB (Modular Coanda Bernoulli) dryers give a uniform and stable web run in the double-sided flotation dryer and ensure effective impinging jet drying, thanks to special CB2 nozzle bars. The excellent heat insulation of the air hood gives minimal ambient heating. 

Designed as a system kit, the MCB-Dryer also takes into consideration the required operating temperature, which can be up to 450 °C, along with the heating medium. Other essential design parameters for the drying output are the nozzle discharge speed and the optimized distance between the nozzles. In the early project planning phase, the quality and output-relevant aspects – such as rate of heat transfer, web run and required energy usage – can be optimally coordinated with one another.

MCB dryers are heated with gas or steam. They can be coupled with other Voith Paper drying systems, such as infrared dryers to increase energy efficiency. The hot air dryers are used in paper and board production.