OnV EnergyProfiler

OnV EnergyProfiler

Keep an eye on your energy costs

Successful energy management is a continuing process and requires a number of small optimization steps. Voith energy reports feature speed, transparency, and availability.

The OnV EnergyProfiler software locates and visualizes energy consumption throughout the paper production process. It was specifically developed for the paper industry and, unlike other available standard products, takes into account the relevant data and setting parameters for paper production. 

Thus for example, consumption values can be displayed specific to grades. Grouping of the energy consumers by process units, such as press or former, is just as possible as an analysis according to their function. Downtimes and web breaks can be eliminated from calculations as needed. Measurement data for electricity, steam, power, or consumption which are generally available in the process control system form the basis of the system.


Ihre Energiekosten immer im Blick - OnV EnergyProfiler  (1.06 MB)

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