Higher energy efficiency and heat recovery

The Voith EcoHood dryer section hood encloses the dryer section in a special housing that still allows access for operation and maintenance at the highest level of safety.

Compared to open hoods or hoods with less insulation, very little heat and moisture gets into the hall due to the superior insulation and modular design of the EcoHood. Thus, almost all of the steam vapor fumes produced when drying paper can be utilized in the heat recovery system. The impacts on the climate in the hall are mitigated and the building is protected actively.

On the one hand a thorough capture of vapors is key to heat recovery for high energy efficiency in drying. On the other hand the dew point of the hood is decisive, i.e., the possible moisture in the exhaust air due to the hood design. The higher the dew point, the less supply air and exhaust air is required, which also reduces the power and steam consumption. Multi-stage heat recovery systems for heating of supply air, fresh and white water and heating of the production hall can often only be implemented and operated efficiently with a high dew point.

EcoHood can be delivered in two versions and is suitable both for new constructions as well as for rebuilds.

EcoHood 62 – the standard hood with an operating dew point of up to 62°C, for application in nearly all paper machines.

EcoHood 65 – the hood with an operating dew point of up to 65°C, for the highest energy efficiency. The amount of supply air and exhaust air can be reduced by almost an additional 20% compared to EcoHood 62.


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