Improved removal of air moisture

The VentiPipe hot air blow pipe improves ventilation in the fabric loops of the dryer group and removes moisture more efficiently. Hydrolysis on the dryer fabrics is prevented.

VentiPipe is connected to the air supply system of the dryer section. Hot dry air is brought into the dryer group via exhaust openings. More air is blown out in the center of the machine; a transverse flow thus arises from the center of the machine to the edges. The hot dry air absorbs the water vapor and removes it.

The number of VentiPipes used depends on the number of drying cylinders in a dryer group and the hood balance. Taken as a whole, VentiPipe contributes to improved conditioning of the dryer fabric, since less dirt remains due to continuous drying.

The VentiPipe hot air blow pipe is placed in single-tier dryer groups in the upper fabric loop above the drying cylinders.


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