M&D paper moisture CD profile (NIR)

M&D paper moisture CD profile (NIR)

Analysis and optimization of paper moisture

The near-infrared (NIR) measuring system quickly and precisely isolates problem zones for the moisture CD profile of the paper web, making quality optimization of the product possible.

The NIR measuring system is comprised of a near-infrared moisture sensor with evaluation unit and a measuring cross beam on which the sensor records the measurement data as it passes over the entire web width. . Installation of the measuring cross beam is done before the measurements at a planned machine downtime.

The sensor itself is installed in the running machine without disturbing production. It is easily possible to install multiple rails with several NIR sensors in various areas of the paper machine. For exact measurements, the sensor is calibrated in the laboratory to the paper grade investigated. In addition, the prevailing environmental influences at the measurement location have to be taken into account. The local resolution of the moisture CD profile is limited only by the size of the measured area (Ø25 mm) on the paper web.

The mobile NIR measuring technology is used to determine the development of the paper web’s moisture CD profile (e.g., dry or moist edges) and can be used nearly everywhere in the paper machine. It is ideally suited for troubleshooting and test runs due to the immediate measurement results.


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