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From Fiber straight to Component

Manufacturing Technologies

At Voith Composites, development and production work closely together, allowing for our products to be efficiently developed and manufactured in short periods. On specially adapted facilities we produce small and large volumes using innovative manufacturing technologies.

This means that in the production process we can completely dispense with semi-finished products like multiaxial fabrics or textiles which are commonly used in the production process. Because Voith Composites uses only direct fiber placement processes, semi-finished products, which are a major cost driver, can be eliminated completely. The preforming process, which was previously very much a manual activity, has also been automated by Voith and has consequently become much more efficient. Thanks to our manufacturing technology we achieve a near-net shape fiber deposition which reduces final processing to a minimum or even eliminates it entirely.

In this context, we focus on direct fiber placement processes. However, our machine pool can also handle downstream process steps like injection (such as the RTM process) or machining and assembly.

By exploiting synergies between the different processes, Voith Composites can produce components with a high degree of deep-drawing and forming. In addition, we are able to produce hybrid structures like GFRP with CFRP.


Voith Roving Applicator (VRA)

Fully automated fiber placement machine

  • Usage of raw material (binder and roving)
  • Reduction of waste/near net shaped lay-up
  • No complex, robot driven placement heads
  • High lay-up rates/scalable
  • In-line binder application
  • Robust and flexible
  • Digital twin available

Twice Awarded Technology

At JEC 2017 in Paris, the world’s leading trade show for fiber reinforced components, the Voith Roving Applicator has won the JEC Innovation Award 2017 in the category “Manufacturing.“ This prestigious prize is awarded every year to honor breakthrough innovations in the field of Composites.

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At JEC 2018 in Paris, our fully automated IoT driven production line, based on the Voith Roving Applicator technology, won the JEC Innovation Award 2018 in the category “How to change the production scale?“.

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Filament Winding Process

High precision for rolls and shafts

  • Fibers are unwound from a roving spool
  • Fiber immersion and impregnation in resin bath
  • Winding of the impregnated fibers onto the mandrel (negative shape of the component part which forms the roll inside diameter very precisely)
  • The wound laminate is tempered in an oven to let the resin react and cure what gives the composite structure its stiffness and strength
  • Finally, the mandrel is pulled from the composite roll


Voith Prepreg Winding (VPW)

Industrialized filament winding technology

  • Mass production of tailored-composite blanks
  • Low scrap rates and net-shape manufacturing due to efficient nesting
  • No cost-intensive resin injection required


Voith LongFiber Preformer (VLP)

Preforms for complex parts

  • Fast and precise application of long fiber patches
  • Automated production of 2D stacks with complex fiber architectures
  • High degrees of design freedom in fiber assembly (deep drawing)
  • Approach for processing of recycled fibers to high-performance structures
  • For production of customized high-performance SMC




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