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The most economical and ecological quality measurement solution for tissue applications

TecoSys is a high sophisticated solution for quality measurement and quality control of tissue paper that meets today's economic and environmental challenges in papermaking.

TecoSys enables a reliable measurement of fiber weight and moisture content of the paper with only one sensor and without the risks of a radioactive source. The stable design of the Voith scanner TecoScan guarantees dimensional stability, precise measurement results and a good integration into already existing systems. The rugged design of the scanner provides high availability during tissue production. Special tissue features increase the maintainability of the scanner and lead to lowest maintenance costs over its lifetime.

The TecoSys solution was specifically developed for the requirements of tissue paper manufacturers and allows simultaneous measurement of fiber weight and moisture content with only one sensor. The small and easy to handle Voith sensor TecoSens does not use a radioactive source, but instead measures with the aid of spectroscopic infrared measurement. It measures the absorption of infrared light at four characteristic wavelengths and has a baseline correction that minimizes any influence on the measurement caused by environmental effects or the color of the paper. In combination with the optimized optics and sophisticated algorithms, TecoSens delivers an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio and an outstanding sensitivity.

An over the years sophisticated and proven quality control system for tissue applications, based on the scalable state-of-the-art process control platform Voith ComCore, completes the solution provided by TecoSys.

Together with a tailored service contract is TecoSys a true complete-carefree-package. The sustainable solution TecoSys lifts the quality measurement and quality control of tissue production on the next level of performance.

Overview TecoSys