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Corporate citizenship

Responsibility for society

As a company, we want to contribute to the promotion of the common good.

As a corporate citizen, what is Voith's contribution to society?

We consider ourselves to have a duty of care towards people outside our company. Wherever we are based in the world, as a good neighbor we intend to contribute to the positive development of society by supporting sport and culture, music and education, and pitching in wherever spontaneous help is called for.

From action to understanding

Since as long ago as 1946, Voith has dedicated itself to taking disadvantaged young people and preparing them for training schemes and the world of work in the German state of Baden- Württemberg. What initially started as a vocational preparation and training course has now become an institution, and has been recognized since 2004 as the Sonderberufsfachschule Hanns Voith (Special Vocational College Hanns Voith). The aim of the institution is to support special-needs youngsters in their development and encourage them individually – and in doing so open up opportunities for training placements or work. The model is a success story: Over 90% of pupils are taken on after one year of vocational preparation. And we are proud to say that since 1972 Voith has helped 1,380 youngsters to enter professional life, 26 of them in 2016 alone.

Involvement from recreational activities to top-flight sport

Voith has been active in sport for many years now, particularly at its Heidenheim location. This engagement ranges from the 1st FC Heidenheim 1864 e.V. to the Fencing Center of the Heidenheimer Sportbund 1846 e.V. (HSB – Heidenheim Sports Association) as well as the local HSB baseball team and the HSB Athletics section. We believe support for local initiatives is an investment in the attractiveness of the region – one that benefits both the regional citizens and our employees.