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How do you turn an environmental benefit into an economic advantage?

We aim to conserve resources and minimize our environmental impact in all of our activities. This is why we see it as our responsibility to handle resources and energy effi ciently as well as to avoid environmental risks at all of our locations. By linking our economic principles with an environmental approach we not only contribute actively to protecting the climate but also create measurable added value for our company.

How can Voith protect people and the environment effectively?

Voith defined four priority areas for resource and environmental protection: the reduction of energy demand, greenhouse gas emissions, fresh water consumption and material consumption. Since the introduction of a group-wide uniform Green Controlling, it has been possible to save more than EUR 12 million per year since the 2011/12. The ambitious goals and progress achieved are monitored by the central department Corporate Sustainability & HSE and are documented every year in the sustainability report. In 2015, we received the Green Controlling Prize of the Péter Horváth Foundation for our approach.

And what role can each and every employee play?

Everyone in the company is called upon to save resources in their field, and to develop and implement new ideas to achieve this. In doing so, we will become better day by day – and continuously increase the value we add through sustainable business practices.

Voith received numerous awards for its environmental management

Green Controlling Award
Péter Horváth Foundation 2015
Winner in the category "environment"
DEKRA Award 2014
100 companies for resource efficiency 2017