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Connection Couplings, Hydraulically Set and Reset

Connection Couplings

Voith connection couplings transmit torque, backlash-free in a friction joint. They transfer the most torque in relation to size, which adds high performance and allows for more effective dimensioning of the driveline. Setting and releasing occurs hydraulically, which enables fast installation, service and maintenance. All models can be customized to suit existing, as well as newly designed interfaces.


Our product portfolio includes:

  • HyCon couplings for shaft-shaft or shaft-flange connections  
  • HyLoc couplings for shaft-hub connections
  • HyGrip couplings for quick-release customer-specific shaft-hub connections

Torque capacity available from 1 to 20 000 kNm


The HyCon connection coupling consists mainly of a tapered sleeve and hub. By means of a sealed piston sleeve, a piston space is created which exerts hydraulic axial forces on the hub when pressure is applied.

HyCon is a typical application in the marine and heavy industries.


  • Tailor made for solid or hollow shafts
  • Safe and fast installation, setting and releasing
  • No internal reinforcement sleeves necessary
  • Reduced system weight
  • Resistant to driveline shock loads

HyCon F/FX for shaft to flange


The HyLoc connection coupling consists of a hollow sleeve, where the internal chamber is a conical ring piston that is moved hydraulically. The ensuing radial expansion produces a backlash free connection between a shaft and a hub.

HyLoc is used in multiple applications, for example fixing of straightening and cutting rolls in the steel industry and fixing different hubs and runners as flywheels and turbines.


  • Improved control of processes
  • Increased service life of all driveline components
  • No notch effects as the keyways are eliminated

HC-B for shaft to hub


The HyGrip connection couplings can be specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of the application. HyGrip gives a completely backlash-free frictional connection. The connection can be set and released very quickly if a suitable hydraulic pump is used.

Typical industrial applications are, for example, fixing of straightening and cutting rolls where the radial forces are low, or fixing of flexible drive shafts and couplings for easy assembly and disassembly.


  • Improved control of processes
  • Increased service life of all driveline components
  • No notch effects as the keyways are eliminated


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