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DIWA.5 - Drive comfortably and economically


Start-up, shifting, braking, shifting... Bus transmissions have to withstand quite a lot, especially in stop-and-go traffic. The DIWA.5 automatic transmission with E 300.1 control and ALADIN diagnosis software is the perfect solution:

Your line busses will be more comfortable and more economical.



DIWA.5 can be easily integrated into any vehicle concept. Decisive in areas with limited space, without pipe work or tubes outside and the integrated heat exchanger. Benefits for you as an operator are low maintenance and operating costs and high availability.


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The long DIWA driving mode allows for stepless driving at lower speeds. The result is up to 50% less shifting compared to conventional automatic transmissions.

 Advantages for you:

  • Less wear
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • More comfort for passengers and drivers
  • Reduced thermal load of the engine cooling circuit