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Voith TurboBelt Transfer Station

Voith TurboBelt Transfer Station

Making conveyor systems safer, more efficient, more flexible and more cost-effective with fully developed transfer technology - Voith TurboBelt Transfer Station

Used in conveyor systems, the Voith TurboBelt Transfer Station reduces maintenance and repair costs and achieves higher throughputs while also protecting the conveyed material. It provides a sliding, centered material transfer that protects the belt and generates less dust. This reduces maintenance and repair costs when handling bulk materials while also increasing the lifetime of the belt.
The Voith TurboBelt Transfer Station is considerably more cost-effective than conventional transfer systems. Thanks to its compact design and modular system, almost any operating point can be equipped with a Voith TurboBelt Transfer Station including the appropriate feeding station. If the installed system is then no longer needed, for example, after the headroom runs out, it is possible to plan, design and implement the transfer at a new operating point at low cost.

Our slide and chute systems are custom-tailored to the flow rate of the bulk material and the material-dependent delivery and receiving capacities of the systems to be connected. Through our extensive experience we have achieved comprehensive knowledge which we apply in matching material flow and material transfer.


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Technical Data

  • Transport capacity: 100 metric tons to 6,000 metric tons per hour
  • Speeds: 0.5 m/s to 7.5 m/s

Benefits and Uses

The belt conveyor has a long lifetime because the belt is not stressed

  • Sliding material transfer
  • Customized design for optimized material flow

Productivity increase due to optimized material flow

  • The conveyed bulk material is protected by the sliding transfer

Increased safety

  • Less dust generated

Typical Applications

  • Use at transfer points of bulk-material conveyor systems

Technical Information 

We offer slide and chute systems in the following designs:

  • with a spindle
  • with Y sections and motorized or pneumatic paddles
  • with wear liners matched to the conveyed material


With more than 100 years of working with conveyor technology products in underground coal mining, we offer customized solutions for mining conveyor technology and tailor-made systems for shaft hoisting.

We are your engineering partner for:

- Design and layout of complete belt systems
- Modern belt conveyor design
- Calculation and development of belt conveyor systems in both underground and above ground mining and other industries
- Concept, design and production of bulk-material conveyor systems
- Optimization of existing belt conveyor systems

You can find information on selecting the best drive system here:


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