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Motor-Gear Units

A Powerful Unit.

Motor-Gear Unit. A Match for the Toughest Tasks.

For effective, productive performance, teamwork is and always has been vital. This principle is clearly evident in our motor-gear units (MGU) as well: Thanks to optimally designed interfaces, they form the perfect union of engine and transmission. They are exceptionally reliable and extraordinarily easy to maintain. It goes without saying, rapid service and high availability are guaranteed.

The Whole Works: from Engineering to Installation

We will undertake all engineering for your MGU, from designing the power unit for optimal driving dynamics to ready-to-install unit - interface management included.


  • Perfectly harmonized with vehicle and application
  • Combines proven gear units and traction motors (Proven Design)
  • Design engineering of various gear units and traction motors 
  • Interface management for motor-gear-unit
  • Compact design enables easy installation and removal



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