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Turbo transmissions for locomotives

Highest Tractive Effort.

Turbo Transmissions. Bring Power to the Rails.

Mainline locomotives – the work horses of the rails need maximum power above all. Our turbo transmissions ensure optimal application of force. Smoothly, without shocks and without interruption, even at full output.

Built with outstanding quality for and reliability in service, our transmissions are known worldwide for being the most available of their kind on the rails.


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Rail Service

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L 530 bre U2 turbo transmission – High starting tractive effort, optimal efficiency

1 700 kW maximum transmission input power

The modular L 530 bre U2 turbo transmission offer exceptional flexibility. Thanks to the Voith Turbo Drive Control and CAN bus interface, our transmissions can be adapted easily to changes in engine output or special service conditions. With its high starting tractive effort through the 3-converter charactersistic and optimal efficiency, it provides unmatched performance over the entire input range from 1000 to 1 700 kW.

L 620 turbo transmission – Exceptional reliability and availability

2 700 kW maximum transmission input power

Time-tested components are combined with new assemblies in the L 620 reU2. These permit smooth, automatic shifting and dispose of a new developed hydrodynamic brake. A very successful combination: Installed more than one hundred times. Exceptional reliability and availability are standard features of our turbo transmissions.

LS 640 reU2 turbo transmission – The world's most powerful locomotive transmission

4 200 kW maximum transmission input power

The LS 640 reU2 TurboSplit transmission was developed for 6-axle locomotives in mainline service. It can be equipped with two independently operated hydrodynamic brakes (retarders). The high power density and fully decoupled outputs ensure optimal performance characteristics when starting and when running. Just as unique: its durability, insensitivity to the effects of climate and extremely low maintenance requirements.

State-Of-The-Art Control and Diagnostic Systems

Electronic control systems must rapidly transmit operational data and diagnostic information via data networks. They communicate with the vehicle bus. They support the user with carefully analyzed operating, monitoring, and diagnostic concepts as well as standardized communication protocols. Their configuration tools link various components in an easy and simple manner.