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Vorecon Variable Speed Planetary Gear

The Vorecon is a hydrodynamic variable speed planetary gear. The Vorecon controls the speed of pumps, compressors and fans. Your driven machine operates at the speed demanded by the process. The result is tremendous energy savings in com­parison to throttle or bypass control systems. The Vorecon installation can be amort­ized in just a few years of service.

The Vorecon combines reliable mechanical design with hydrodynamic power transmission. Hydrodynamic power transmission is wear-free. This helps the variable-speed gear to achieve a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 48 years. System reliability exceeds 99.98%. Your operation will run for a very long time without unplanned downtime, boosting the productivity of your system.

Are you planning a project with variable speed drive in the power range 1 to 50 MW? Please contact us and together we can look for the best solution. Jointly, we can consider all of the costs incurred over the planned system service life. We prefer to work through the cost calculation collaboratively with you in a team setting so that you are comfortable with the methodology.

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Technical data

Power 1 – 50 MW
Output speed Up to 20,000 rpm
MTBF ~ 48 years
Reliability ~ 99.98%
Overall efficiency Up to 2% better than that of electronic variable speed drive systems
Lifetime Up to 3x longer than variable frequency drives (VFDs)
Required installation space Up to 68% less than for electronic variable speed drive systems

Advantages and benefits

  • We combine hydrodynamic power transmission with mechanical parts designed for a long life. Our drive system has no failure-prone power electronics. This per­mits the Vorecon to achieve a MTBF of 48 years and an average reliability of 99.98%. Your operation will run for a very long time without unplanned downtime, boosting the productivity of your system, and your profits along with it.
  • Vorecon operation is based on the principle of power splitting. This permits the Vorecon to achieve an efficiency exceeding 95%. Drive systems featuring the Vorecon have very few required auxiliaries that burn additional energy. The result: overall efficiency is up to 2% greater than that of electronic variable speed drive systems. Speed control using the Vorecon saves energy. Your operating costs are lower, and with fewer CO2 emissions, you play your part in protecting the climate.
  • The Vorecon unit is comprised of a speed control system, gearbox and oil supply. This means the drive system needs up to 68% less installation space than com­parable electronic variable speed drive systems. The reduced space required for installation means much lower infrastructure costs, particularly in offshore ap­pli­cations. The Vorecon saves on installation space and reduces the overall system weight. You save on overall system construction costs – quite significantly in the case of space-critical offshore platforms and vessels deployed for offshore petroleum and natural gas production (FPSO, FSO, FLNG, FSRU).
  • Hydrodynamic power transmission is wear-free. The mechanical power trans­mitting components are robust and designed for a long service life. Compared with variable frequency drives (VFDs), the service life of the Vorecon is more than three times as long. The Vorecon is a product built for the long term. It gives you long-term planning security – over many decades.
  • Vorecon system components don't just have a long service life. We also manu­facture our systems to be low-maintenance. This, combined with overhaul intervals of 8 years, ensures both low operating costs and high availability. Maintenance costs are low and service outages can be planned and scheduled in advance. You reduce both the downtime and operating costs of your equipment.

Typical applications

Speed control for

  • Gas lift compressors
  • Depletion compressors
  • Injection compressors
  • Export gas compressors
  • Pipeline compressors
  • Wet gas compressors
  • Refrigerating compressors
  • Acid gas compressors
  • Process gas compressors
  • Hydrogen recycling compressors
  • Flash-gas compressors
  • Boil-off gas compressors
  • Loading pumps
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Boiler fans
  • and more

Technical information


In the driveline, the Vorecon is located between the driving motor and the driven machine.

Design and function

  • The input shaft is connected to the ring gear of the planetary gear.
  • A large proportion of the input power is thus transmitted to the planetary gear directly, mechanically and almost loss-free.
  • A hydrodynamic torque converter is also coupled with the input shaft.
  • The pump wheel of the torque con­verter is linked to the input shaft and "diverts" a very small proportion of the input power.
  • A flow of fluid transmits this power from the pump wheel to the turbine wheel of the torque converter (hydrodynamic power transmission).
  • The "diverted" power is transmitted to the planet carrier of the planetary gear via the turbine wheel.
  • The power from the ring gear and from the planet carrier are combined in the planetary gear.
  • The planet gears transmit the com­bined power to the sun gear, the output shaft and, finally, to the driven machine.
  • Adjustable guide vanes control the flow of fluid in the torque converter and determine the speed of the tur­bine wheel. This allows the speed of the driven machine to be adjusted steplessly.

Planetary gear animation

Planetary gear animation




      Type RWC-M-D Vorecon (for high efficiency even down to the lower speed range) animation