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Steam Turbine Controller TurCon DTm

Steam Turbine Controller, Single-Valve/Two-Valve Steam Turbine Governor, Steam Turbine Control

The TurCon DTm is a configurable digital controller which can be used on a wide range of steam turbines. It supports all established control modes – from speed control and high-performance frequency control to complicated extraction pressure control. The controller is pre-engineered. This means that it is ready for operation after connecting and setting the parameters.

The controller is a modular assembly using standard hardware that is industry-proven. Standard software and a consistent, intuitive operating concept makes the TurCon DTm one of the most modern turbine controllers. As a user, you get a re­li­able plug-and-play solution featuring components that are optimally matched to each other. In addition, the TurCon DTm has an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Using Profibus DP the integration into a central control system is made easy. Be­sides this, the TurCon DTm, with its TFT LCD control panel, provides a user-friendly and modern HMI with a touchscreen operator interface. The configuration and parameterization of the controller are performed via the control panel or optionally with a PC.

The TurCon DTm is available in three versions:

  1. Standard:
    All hardware components wired in a cabinet incl. software.
  2. OEM version:
    CPU, memory card and LCD control panel, not wired incl. software.
  3. Retrofitter version:
    All hardware components without cabinet, not wired incl. software.


Voith Digital Solutions GmbH
Actuators and Governors
Voithstr. 1
74564 Crailsheim, Germany

Tel. +49 7951 32-470
Fax +49 7951 32-605

Technical data

Operating voltage 21 – 28 VDC
Ambient temperature 0 – +40°C [32 – 104°F]
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 210 mm
HMI 7" TFT LCD control panel with touchscreen operator interface
Protection class IP 65
  • Profibus DP
  • Ethernet (Modbus TCP or OPC)
  • CAN
Configuration and parameterization
  • Using the control panel
  • Using the PC configurator as an option
  • 8 x digital (physical, LOW: 0 – 5 VDC,
    HIGH: 13 – 28 VDC)
  • 32 x digital (virtual via Profibus)
  • 6 x analog (physical, 4 – 20 mA, input impedance 50 Ohm, via 3-way isolating amplifier, measuring range 0 – 20.5 mA, resolution 14 Bit, wire-break detection at current < 1.185 mA)
  • 16 x analog (virtual via Profibus)
  • 2 x frequency (for speed pickups, only active speed sensors, measuring range 0.05 – 20 kHz, short circuit and wire-break monitoring)
  • 8 x digital (relays, 6 A @ 24 V)
  • 32 x digital (virtual via Profibus)
  • 4 x analog (physical, 4 – 20 mA,
    load resistance < 500 Ohm, resolution 16 Bit, each channel electrically isolated)
  • 16 x analog (virtual via Profibus)
Driven machines
  • Pumps, compressors, fans etc.
  • Generators
Control modes for pumps, compressors, fans etc.
  • Speed control
  • Extraction pressure control
Control modes for generators
  • Speed control
  • Frequency control
  • Power control
  • Live steam pressure control
  • Back pressure control/exhaust steam pressure control
  • Extraction pressure control
  • Cold/warm startup mode
  • Start-up ramp with a maximum of 12 sampling points (Critical Speed Avoidance)
    • Max. 8 configurable limiters:
    • Min. back pressure limiter
    • Max. back pressure limiter
    • Min. load limiter
    • Max. load limiter
    • Min. live steam pressure limiter
    • Max. live steam pressure limiter
    • Max. speed limiter
    • Max. wheel chamber pressure limiter
  • External analog setpoint
  • Simulation mode
  • Optional software package for optimizing control parameters

Typical Applications

  • Control of steam turbines that drive compressors, pumps, fans and other driven machines
  • Control of steam turbines that drive generators
  • Upgrade/retrofit of mechanical steam turbine governors/controllers
  • Upgrade/retrofit of analog steam turbine governors/controllers, especially
    • Voith TurCon A
    • Siemens / KKK SC800
    • MAN / GHH Turbolog EKU
    • Dresser Nadrowski / M+M / AEG Kanis / ABB CTn, CTp and CTf
  • Upgrade of steam turbine controllers Woodward 505 and Woodward 505E

Advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
  • Free configuration and parameteriza­tion of the controller for steam turbines with one or two control valves.
  • Saving and loading of the configura­tion and parameters.
  • The turbine controller has a high degree of flexibility and is suitable for all standard industrial steam turbine applications.
  • The controller is pre-engineered with standard software.
  • The configuration and parameter data sets can be reused.
  • Integration of the controller into your system is quick, easy and econom­ical.
  • The controller is suited both for new systems and for the modernization of existing equipment.
  • This keeps your commissioning effort and costs low.
  • 7-inch TFT LCD control panel with intuitive touchscreen operator interface.
  • The HMI interface is convenient and modern.
  • All relevant parameters can be con­figured and visualized on site.
  • The initial training of your operating personnel is short.
  • On site you have quick, very in­forma­tive process visualization and moni­toring.
  • Modular, industry-proven hardware.
  • All electronic components are integrated into a cabinet.
  • The TurCon DTm is a plug-and-play solution which is ready to operate after connecting and setting the parameters.
  • The components of the control sys­tem are optimally matched to one another.
  • Your control system is very operationally reliable and easy to service.
  • 2 speed sensors can be connected.
  • The speed measuring equipment is fault-tolerant, whilst providing good reliability and availability.
  • You increase the reliability of your system and minimize the risk of downtimes and secondary damage.
  • Integrated monitor for the speed sensors.
  • Faults in the speed measuring sys­tem can be detected in real time.
  • The current controller and sensor status are displayed using informative graphics.
  • Archiving of the last 1,000 status, warning and alarm messages with time stamps.
  • It is easy to trace process flows and process faults.
  • You optimize your process in a quick and targeted manner.
  • System availability, product quality and, last but not least, productivity increase.
  • Configuration and parameterization are accomplished using the control panel or with a PC available as an option.
  • Controller operation is flexible.
  • You save time and money during commissioning.
  • Individual parameters can be ad­justed quickly and easily during operation.
  • Simulation mode.
  • The configuration and parameterization of the turbine controller can be easily checked to make sure they are correct.
  • Pre-simulation enables easier commissioning and reduces commissioning time.
  • Incorrect controller operation and the resulting damage are less likely.
  • Multilevel password protection.
  • Optimal security for controller operation.
  • Your turbine control system is safe and incorrect operations are prevented.
  • Optional software package available for optimizing control parameters.
  • The control loops and the control loop performance can be quickly optimized using this tool.
  • A shorter commissioning time saves you money.
  • The process quality is high.

Application example