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Electronic control systems

Reliable and Powerful.

Electronic Control Systems. Reaching the Destination Safely.

Electronic control units simplify our lives. An indispensible part of everyday life, they also increase efficiency and quality in rail travel. Drive systems and components are more reliable and powerful thanks to electronic control units. Helping you to reach your destination safely in the future as well.


More Time for what Is Important

Electronic control units handle a variety of tasks. Reading out operating data, communication between vehicle components or execution of diagnostic programs. Tasks that assist and relieve the user during observation and operation of all important functions.
This leaves more time to watch what is important.


Voith Turbo
Drive Control

Custom-engineered control unit.

Every drive system needs a control unit. The Voith Turbo Drive Control (VTDC) gives the rail vehicle the finishing touch and optimized the entire drive system. Turbo transmission, diesel engine, cooling system and electric generators can all be integrated into the controls with VTDC. Data exchange takes place over a CAN bus.


The DTC Digital Temperature Controller

Keeping a cool head even over long stretches.

Whether as a stand-alone control unit or when integrated into the Voith Turbo Drive Control – the DTC digital temperature controller handles the control functions for the cooling system and regulates the cooling circuits in the drive system.


Voith Turbo Fan Power Control

Clever cooling control.

With the aid of Voith fan power control, up to three fan motors can be operated and controlled independently. Monitoring of the coolant fill level is also incorporated. Here, too, data are transmitted to the Voith Turbo Drive Control over a CAN bus.


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D-IF Diagnostic Interface and Gateways

D-IF Diagnostic Interface

Programming the software for control units

The D-IF is a diagnostic interface for the VTDC and VTCsmart control systems. It mounts inside the vehicle. This makes it easy for the service personnel to load new software into the control units, retrieve diagnostic data and observe CAN buses. If the date and time cannot be transmitted to the control unit, the interface is optionally available with a real-time clock.


To help the control units communicate over CAN

Voith offers two gateways for vehicle interiors:

  • MVB CAN gateway
  • I/O CAN gateway

If the vehicle's control system does not have a CAN bus interface, the gateways are combined with the VTDC or VTCsmart. They translate the signals from the vehicle's control system into CAN messages and provide expanded I/O for the drive control unit.

Diagnosis and Maintenance

VTBSwin and Voith WinFlash


Simply comfortable – comfortably simple:

The Voith diagnostic and operating data logging system

VTBSwin collects online data, reads statistics and error messages and configures data sets.

In short:
It displays everything the user needs for an exact image of the operating state of his drive system. Even the solenoid valves on the transmission can be energized from a laptop with the engine stopped via the actuator test function.


Voith WinFlash

For programming control units by means of a PC – almost as if by itself

The user-friendly WinFlash download software makes programming of control systems easy. It is installed on a laptop or PC and then transferred to the control system via the serial RS232 interface. After the file has been selected, WinFlash performs the programming automatically.