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Traction Inverter

It Simply Performs Better.

EmCon Traction Inverter. Compact and Intelligent.

The traction inverter has the task to convert supplied energy as efficiently as possible and make it available to the drive motors in a suitable way. The conversion of energy (for example from direct current into three-phase alternating current with the corresponding dynamic behaviour) is made possible by state-of-the-art power electronics.


On Top of the Roof


In Engine Compartment


Power and Efficiency

Using modern power electronics and highly dynamic motor control techniques, the traction inverter provides the energy for optimal tractive effort. Regardless of the operating conditions. During braking, a large amount of the braking energy is automatically fed back into the grid.

Quality and service

Quality and service

Whether -40°C in the snow or over +40°C in a sandstorm: Our traction inverters require minimal maintenance, are durable and extremely reliable. The well-thought-out 3-level service concept is tailored to the other drive components in the vehicle. This means high availability and low maintenance costs. With short response times and original Voith replacement parts, our service department ensures problem-free operation.

Key enabling technologies

Key technologies and innovations

  • IGBT modules with improved power and thermal cycling
  • Compact power components with improved operating characteristics
  • High-performance heat sinks and cooling circuits for maximum power density
  • Powerful traction control with a digital signal processor (DSP) and MATLAB/Simulink programming
  • Energy-efficient, grid friendly drive control
  • Highly dynamic wheel spin / slip protection for optimal utilization of friction
  • High-speed BUS interfaces
  • Rugged housing with a high IP protection level

Core competencies

Proven core components and modularity

  • Traction inverters based on proven and tested power components
  • Power components can be used for inverters and H-bridges
  • A standardized Voith-drive control unit for all EmCon products
  • Control software individually configurable to the requirements
  • Line filter designed on the basis of customer requirements
  • Housing and interfaces adaptable to customer requirements

Tested quality

Tested quality from a competent source

Product development and testing to EN 61287-1 and EN 50155,
extensive type tests:

  • Load test, thermal response, losses, cooling, climate tests
  • Short-circuit, overvoltage and insulation test, dust test
  • EMC, noise, shock and vibration test
  • Verification of protection and safety functions
  • Verification of IP protection level

Application Power Range
(cont. power, up to)
Supply Voltage Characteristics
LRV/ Tram 2 x 250 kVA
350 kVA
DC 600 / 750 V

- air cooled
- roof and underfloor mounting
- DC chopper possible

Metro 2 x 450 kVA DC 750 / 1500 V - air cooled
- underfloor mounting
- DC chopper possible
DEMU/ EMU/ Loco  900 kVA DC 1500 V - liquid cooled
- roof and underfloor mounting
EMU/ Loco 
1650 kVA AC 15 / 25 kV
- liquid cooled
- cabinet and underfloor mounting


Voith Digital Solutions Austria GmbH & Co. KG
Electrical Traction Systems
Linzer Strasse 55
3100 St. Poelten, Austria

Tel. +43 2742 806-0
Fax +43 2742 806-3124

Rail Service

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You can find the answers

Energy Saving, Power Saving and Catenary Free.

FreeMO Energy Storage Unit.

The Voith Energy Storage Units integrates SuperCap modules of well-known manufacturers to appropriate  units for typical LRV applications.

Significant Data

  • In addition to the SuperCap modules, each unit includes its filter choke and cooling
  • No other Equipment is necessary because choppers and control Equipment are integrated to the traction inverters
  • The capacity per unit is 0,5 kWh which is multiple applied per vehicle (2 to 8)

Alternatively, battery systems of well known suppliers can be integrated to the Voith traction System.

Modular Construction