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Fabrics for all paper grades

Forming, press and dryer fabrics

    Our goal is to deliver superior and more competitive fabrics that will help our customers achieve their demanding runability and paper quality targets.

    Voith supplies fabrics for all paper grades and paper machine settings.

    With our deep process and application knowledge, we help reduce downtime and inefficiency. Different applications need different fabrics. Voith has developed a unique product portfolio that contains a wide range of fabric designs you can choose from. Our experienced engineers will support you in selecting the best possible fabric design to meet your challenging demands. They not only understand your needs, but also those of your customers. In this way, we are sure to always look for value-added solutions that will not only meet but often exceed your expectations.

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      Forming Fabrics

      Forming fabrics play an essential role in paper and board production.

      Forming fabrics are technical products that significantly influence runability, raw material, energy and overall performance of a paper machine. Our portfolio contains forming fabric designs for the production of all paper grades on all paper machine configurations.

      I-Series forming fabrics family

      The Voith I-Series forming fabrics utilize a completely new warp setup optimizing all areas of fabric performance. The papermaker no longer has to sacrifice one area of performance to optimize another. The I-Series fabrics take the SSB concept to the next level of performance.

      Press Fabrics

      Press fabrics are important components for efficient dewatering.

      A variety of designs is available and customizable for each pressing application. The concept of modularity is crucial for press fabric construction at Voith. Our engineers choose base components from an array of options and tailor batt layers to meet specific customer requirements. Functional characteristics are created with special components like Elastomer, Vector, yarn variations and Spectra, to name a few. The woven layer in the felt can be replaced with special components, giving the fabric new functional features.

      Highly durable press fabrics for steady-state operation

      Infinity is a new generation of laminated felts that incorporates modularity with a completely new way of manufacturing the base cloth and the seam. Infinity delivers clear advantages to the papermaker that target efficient dewatering, better sheet quality, fast startup, reduced chemical use, safety and energy savings. In short: "fit and forget."

      Enrich your press fabrics with PeakElement technology

      Voith’s PeakElement technology is a specially developed elastomeric material that, when integrated into a press fabric, reduces the start-up period while additionally maintaining steady-state performance throughout its operational life. Its versatility is unique, and it is a perfect solution for increasing dewatering performance in the press section of your paper machine.

      Dryer Fabrics

      Dryer fabrics play a major role in the process of drying and paper machine efficiency

      Therefore, Voith has developed a full series of woven and spiral designs to suit all requirements. Optimal material choice and special designs support cleanliness, heat resistance and runability to address our customers’ production goals. To reach better results in drying efficiency, Voith has developed CleanWeave, a new product range of dryer fabrics. CleanWeave dryer fabrics are characterized by strength, durability and hydrolysis resistance throughout the whole fabric life. They are designed to minimize the build-up of contamination within the fabric structure and to manage the extreme conditions found in a dryer section.

      Fabric Diagnostics

      Easy and safe press fabric measurements thanks to ProTect

      The ProTect system consists of a self-propelled carriage, fixture and any number of traverse beams. It allows the precise measurement of fabric moisture and permeability at various points along the fabric. ProTect can be used with all commercially available manual measurement devices, but without the risk of endangering the maintenance team or service personnel. Thanks to its sophisticated design, all moving parts are predominantly outside the machine. This prevents wear and additional maintenance outlay.

      Broke Conveyor

      Effective broke transport thanks to our new BrokeGo

      The requirements of a broke conveyor are different to that of a dryer fabric. It’s primary is to ensure efficient transport of broke back to the pulper. Whilst abrasive conditions on the machine side require extra wear resistance.

      Voith fabrics – How can we help you?

        Together we will find the perfect fabric for your application. Contact us!

        Forming Section

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        Global Product Manager Forming Section


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        Press Section

        Anne Klaschka

        Global Product Manager Press Fabrics


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        Dryer Section

        Carl Taylor

        Global Product Manager Dryer Section


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        Fabric Diagnostics

        Jochen Honold

        Global Product Manager ProTect


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        Broke Conveyor

        Carl Taylor

        Global Product Manager Dryer Section


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