Group Division Voith Hydro

Full-line Supplier for Hydropower Plant Equipment

For more than 140 years, hydropower plants all over the world have been fitted with components from Voith Hydro. As a full-line supplier for hydropower plant equipment, Voith Hydro is one of the world's leading manufacturers in this field. This applies to traditional hydropower.

With its product and service portfolio, Voith Hydro covers the entire life cycle and all components of large and small hydropower plants: from generators, turbines, pumps, electrical and mechanical power plant equipment and automation systems such as measuring, control and command systems, to services including spare parts deliveries and maintenance work.

Facts and Figures 2016

Sales: € 1 388 million
Orders received: € 1 387 million
Employees: 4 965

Your requirements. Our services.


Regular inspections, maintenance and, if required, repairs are essential to make sure that hydropower plants produce electricity continuously and reliably.

With the life cycle service concept we offer a comprehensive service package that ensures the functionality and efficient operation of plants across their entire life cycle.


We develop automation concepts that are individually tailored to each hydro power plant, ensuring reliable and economical operation of hydro power stations.


In an age of growing energy demands, the modernization of existing hydro power plants makes an essential contribution to securing energy supplies. Modernization projects can achieve significant increases in output and thus higher energy yields.

Small Hydro

Small hydro plants play an important part in generating power from renewable energies. With an installed output of up to 30 megawatt they are used in all places where natural conditions or existing infrastructures allow such a project.

Pumped storage plants

Pumped storage power plants pave the way for the further development of renewable energies. Voith Hydro has more than 100 years of experience with pumped storage power plants and delivers equipment for the most advanced and efficient plants in the world.

Large Hydro

Large hydro power stations are the world's most efficient source of renewable energy. They provide energy for growth regions such as Brazil, China and India and have also ensured reliable power supplies in developed countries for many decades. They make sure that millions of people get light and heating.

Hydro Power

Hydro power is one of the most important energy carriers and the only renewable energy source that can produce electricity on an industrial scale at competitive prices.