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Highly Flexible CT Coupling

Highly flexible CT couplings are especially well suited for industrial uses. This type of coupling is virtually failure-free and is an optimal and cost-effective solution for many applications. Elastomer elements under pressure provide a damping effect.

CT couplings dampen torsional vibrations and torque shocks in the driveline. In addition, the coupling balances axial and radial displacements. This increases the operational stability and service life of your equipment or system, which in turn increases availability and reduces life cycle costs.

Models with plug-in connection for bell-house installation are optional.


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Technical data

Torque up to 200 kNm
Speed up to 7,200 rpm
Mounting options
  • Separate mounting

  • Bell-house mounting

Elastomer types

  • Natural rubber (NR): 45 ShA, 50 ShA, 60 ShA, 70 ShA, 80 ShA

  • Silicone: 70 ShA

Ambient temperatures
  • Natural rubber (NR): -40 – +90°C

  • Silicone: -40 – +130°C

Optional Model with plug-in connection

Advantages and benefits

  • The CT coupling design makes it virtually failure-free. In the highly unlikely event of damage to the elastomer elements, the coupling will continue to transmit torque. Only the coupling's damping characteristics are affected. You have the option of emergency operation of your equipment or system. This prevents sudden stoppages.
  • The coupling is virtually maintenance-free and requires no lubricants. The elastomer elements are the only parts subject to natural wear. Replacing the elements is very simple since the coupling consists of only three main com­ponents. This helps reduce downtimes and associated costs. Lower main­tenance costs optimize your life cycle costs.
  • Resonance speeds are shifted into non-critical speed ranges. The system runs quieter, increasing comfort when operating the equipment or system.
  • The coupling takes the load off all of the drive components, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance costs. The net result is a positive impact on the life cycle costs for your equipment or system – not to mention reducing downtimes and associated costs.

Typical applications

  • Steel industry:
    roller conveyor drives
  • Recycling:
    main drives for crushers and shredders
  • Unit construction:
    high-power generators, pump systems
  • Oil and gas industry:
  • Mechanical engineering:
    crane drives, drill drives, paper-making










Technical information

In systems where a diesel engine acts as prime mover, the highly flexible coupling has mainly two functions: moving natural frequencies and damping critical torsional vibration amplitudes. Voith highly flexible couplings are well-suited to these tasks.


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