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Highly Flexible K Coupling

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K couplings are the standard for our highly flexible couplings. They feature modular design and can be integrated into your drive system with a high degree of flexibility. This makes this type of coupling an ideal and cost-effective choice for many appli­cations in a wide range of industrial sectors.

K couplings dampen torsional vibrations and torque shocks in the driveline. In add­ition, K couplings balance axial, radial, and angular displacements. The operational stability and service life of your plant or your vehicle are in­creased, which in turn in­creases availability and reduces life cycle costs.

Bell-house bearing models and models with torsional limiting device are optional.


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Technical data

Torque up to 140 kNm
Speed up to 13,000 rpm
Mounting options
  • Cardan shaft mounting
  • Separate mounting
  • Bell-house mounting

Elastomer types

  • Natural rubber (NR): 45 ShA, 50 ShA, 60 ShA, 70 ShA
  • Silicone: 50 ShA
  • Electrically insulating: 55 ShA
Ambient temperatures
  • Natural rubber (NR): -40 – +90°C
  • Silicone: -40 – +120°C
  • Electrically insulating: -40 – +90°C
  • Radially removable
  • Torsional limiting device
  • Bell-house bearing design (in cases where the engine crank shaft is not able to bear the weight of the cardan shaft and the coupling)

Advantages and benefits

  • Resonance speeds are shifted into non-critical speed ranges. The system runs quieter, increasing comfort when operating the equipment or vehicle.
  • Elastomer elements dampen torsional vibration peaks that occur in the driveline. Thanks to their elasticity, these elements reduce the stresses on the driveline caused by internal combustion engines or load-side units with their natural fluc­tuations in torque. Your system or vehicle runs with a high degree of operational durability. And that increases productivity.
  • The coupling takes the load off all of the drive components, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance costs. The net result is a positive impact on the life cycle costs (LCC) for your system or vehicle – not to mention preventing consequential expenses arising from downtime.
  • Its modularity makes this coupling extremely flexible with respect to function and design. You get a coupling that is precisely matched to your driveline's technical and design requirements. Standardized components ensure an optimal cost/bene­fit ratio.
  • The K coupling features a high torque capacity. You save installation space while at the same time transferring high torque safely and reliably.

Typical applications

  • Rail vehicles:
    locomotives, railcars, and special-purpose vehicles
  • Construction equipment:
    all types, e.g., wheel loaders, dump trucks, graders
  • Ships and boats:
    primary and auxiliary drives, gensets
  • Test rigs:
    all types, e.g., engine development test rigs, NVH test rigs, end-of-line test rigs


Series BR 1xx

Series BR 1xx

Series BR 2xx

Series BR 2xx

Series BR 3xx

Series BR 3xx

Other highly flexible K-coupling

Other highly flexible K-coupling


Technical information

In systems where a diesel engine acts as prime mover, the highly flexible coupling has mainly two functions: moving natural frequencies and damping critical torsional vibration amplitudes. Voith highly flexible couplings are well-suited to these tasks.


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