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September 20-27, 2018
Hanover, Germany

Voith at IAA 2018

“Drive New Ways” in the age of digitalization

    Experience our Innovations from September 20-27 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover, Germany.

    Under the motto "Drive New Ways", we will present innovative products and solutions for trucks and buses. Our focus is on e-mobility, higher efficiency with less CO2 emissions and lower operating costs. Highlights include our new electrical drive system and the new DIWA NXT transmission for buses. Additionally, we will showcase highly efficient products for trucks, including the LP560 air compressor and the ECO SWR that uses water for braking. Besides our product highlights, we will show you our smart service solutions that provide maximum flexibility.

    Stop by, meet us at the IAA CV 2018, and see what we mean by "Drive New Ways".

    IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018

    September 20-27, 2018
    Hanover, Germany

    Using design thinking, we are identifying the exact needs of not only our customers but of end users, too.
    Cornelius Weitzmann, Executive Vice President & CEO Voith Turbo Mobility

    Test drives

      Voith Electrical Drive System

      Daily test drives with the Voith Electrical Drive System

      Experience our E-Drive System live on the exhibition grounds of the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018.
      Visit us in Hall 17, Booth A14 and arrange your personal test drive.


      • Experience Voith’s innovations first hand
        Test drives at IAA 2018

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      Voith Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB

      Test drives with the Voith Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB

      Experience the Voith Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB live in demanding terrain.
      From September 19 to 27, we offer test drives every hour from 10:00 h till 15:00 h.
      Visit Voith in Hall 17, Booth A14 and arrange your personal test drive.

      Coordination and registration before the IAA Registration at the IAA

      Andrea Mailänder
      Phone +49 7951 / 32-622
      Mobile +49 151 277 171 49

      Andrea Mailänder
      Mobile +49 151 277 171 49

      Sara Margani
      Mobile +49 151 730 352 54




        To reduce air and noise emissions in urban areas, operators have started to electrify their fleets. Voith is committed to providing a tailored plug-and-play solution with optimized interfaces that are easy to integrate. The Voith electric drive system is a fully electric powertrain suitable even for articulated buses and challenging topographies. Best in class for efficiency and reliability. The compact, energy efficient electric motor ensures further savings in fuel consumption and will require almost no additional installation space.

        Smart Service

        Focus on your core business; we will take care of the rest. With the expertise and experience of our service employees, we provide for optimum performance of your fleet. Our individualized service contracts and intelligent service solutions provide maximum flexibility.

        OnEfficiency Service products

        Voith expands its Smart Service portfolio by new OnEfficiency solutions. OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is a technical software configuration update for the DIWA transmission. OnEfficiency.DriverAssist provides the driver with real time information about driving style and motivates him to improve driving behavior. The products aim to significantly and sustainably reduce fuel consumption of buses und to enhance safety.


          Electrical Drive System

          The development of the new Electrical Drive System is another milestone on the way to maximum customer focus and underpinning Voith’s leadership in technology. This innovative and reliable drive impresses with its low weight and maximum efficiency. An example is the low energy consumption, which enables a long range. All components are cooled with water and are very quiet.

          Visit us in Hall 17, Booth A14 to learn more.

          Voith DIWA NXT Automatic Transmission

          Voith stays on track with the development of its new DIWA NXT transmission for buses. Test bench and test track results have proven the predicted efficiency and reduction in emissions. The new transmission has an optimal gear ratio through an additional overdrive gear for inter-city and coach applications and offers an optional mild-hybrid system with 48V central recuperation unit (CRU). It recuperates energy in downhill and deceleration phases and makes it available to the vehicle’s electrical system via the battery and a DC/DC converter as well as for traction. The CRU is integrated into the flywheel housing between the engine and the transmission. Start of production is expected early 2021.

          Voith Aquatarder ECO SWR

          In the next generation of the SWR retarder, the unit can be disconnected while idling. This means that in addition to contributing to maximum safety, low operating costs and environmental protection, the ECO SWR will also help to further reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. The ECO SWR brakes as secondary retarder with water and uses the coolant of the engine. It therefore requires no additional operating medium and copes with up to 90 percent of all vehicle braking wear-free. The future is even cleaner.

          Voith Retarder 115 CT

          The Voith Retarder VR 115CT has become a synonym for wear-free continuous braking in trucks and buses, giving truck drivers better control over the energy generated on downhill runs and allowing them to exploit the truck’s kinetic energy. In conjunction with the engine brake, the VR 115CT guarantees an optimum braking effect – at low and high speeds, as well as maximum safety in any driving situation.

          Voith Air Compressor LP 560 TwinSave & Clutch

          Auxiliary units, such as air compressors in trucks and buses, contribute significantly in economic traveling and saving environment. Only Voith offers two-stage compression with an intercooling system. The results are reduced power uptake during transport operations and a more fuel-efficient vehicle. A special system even lowers fuel consumption while idling, without complex decoupling of the compressor.

          Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB

          With the wear-free integrated start-up and braking system VIAB, Voith combines the advantage of hydrodynamics with the high efficiency of a mechanical driveline. When transporting heavy loads, at construction sites, with cranes and special vehicles, the VIAB scores high with sensitive start-up and braking behaviour, as well as driving comfort.

          Experience our Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB on the exhibition grounds of the IAA CV 2018 and arrange your personal test drive in Hall 17, Booth A14.

          Please contact us if you have any questions

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              Join us at the IAA CV 2018 in Hanover, Germany on September 20-27, 2018

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