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Berlin, Germany

Voith at InnoTrans 2018

Drive New Ways

    Discover our innovations and highlights at last year's InnoTrans.

    Putting the spotlight on the megatrends digitalization, efficiency, sustainability, safety and comfort, we will show you how the future of rail transport will look like. Learn how our products and services are shaping the future on the rails and enable you to drive new ways.

    Products & Services

      Innovative solutions for the future of rail transport

      RailPack 500

      The RailPack 500 is an energy-efficient, customized solution for rail vehicles. The RailPack provides maximum power density and meets the newest emission standards, within the same installation space. With individually selectable drive units, either diesel-electric, hydrodynamic or hydromechanic, the RailPack 500 is tailored to our customers’ needs.

      Voith Rail Engine

      The Voith Rail Engine is the most advanced and efficient diesel engine of its class on the rail market. The exhaust aftertreatment system developed by Voith ensures the engine meets the upcoming European emission regulations including the Stage V regulation.

      EmCon Traction Inverter

      The EmCon Traction Inverter ensures efficiency in rail transport. Optimized use of braking energy and a motor switch-off during coasting allows for energy efficient operation. Cutting edge technologies combined with easy maintenance ensure lowest lifecycle costs and thus a cost-effective operation.

      SZ-440 Gear Unit

      The SZ-440 Gear Unit is ideal for coping with the increasing demands being placed on rail vehicles. Its compact design facilitates a narrow installation space. The optimal design of toothing and housing ensures the quiet operation of the gear unit.

      Bionic Toothing

      The Bionic Toothing allows for a highly compact design and the quieter operation of gear units. A more stress-resistant tooth root enables narrower construction of gear wheels, saving valuable installation space. Reduced operation noise is facilitated with bionic tooth root optimization. This is a result of more, smaller teeth been included in the design.

      Voith CargoFlex Type Scharfenberg

      The Voith CargoFlex Type Scharfenberg improves efficiency and safety and makes rail a competitive contender in freight transportation. The coupler enables automatic, fast and safe coupling of freight trains and forms the basis for further developments in automation within the rail freight transport.

      Voith CargoFlex Hybrid

      The Voith CargoFlex Hybrid for locomotives adapts to any purpose. The mainline-compatible freight coupler is flexible and allows for automatic coupling as well as the use of screw couplers.

      Smart Schaku

      With the Smart Schaku, coupler availability can be increased. Thanks to sensor-supported condition monitoring, unscheduled loads and changes in the coupler condition can be detected early, and downtimes can be reduced.

      Voith’s Individual Service Contracts

      Voith’s Individual Service Contracts maximize the availability of rail vehicles. This is made possible, as Voith holds customer-specific components in stock. Hence, failing components can be replaced immediately. In this way, Voith contributes to minimized downtimes and an efficient operation.

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