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Room and process air technology


Room and process air technology for tobacco processing and warehousing

Our solutions for the tobacco processing industry

    The natural product tobacco has distinct hygroscopic properties and therefore puts stringent requirements on the room and process air technology to maintain elasticity and aroma and to ensure efficient, trouble-free production.

    With our systems and equipment we can support the entire manufacturing process from storage through production and culminating in the packed final product.

    Based on the respective requirements, the system and equipment technology is tailored to every production area. In this process, all systems matched to the respective processing step must be combined into an energy-efficient total system.

    This is the only way to achieve the following benefits for the operator:

    • Lower investment and operating costs
    • Energy-saving automation technology with coordination of all sub-systems
    • Optimum climate through constant air temperature and humidity
    • Dust and heat reducing air distribution
    • Air conditioning and ventilation systems designed especially for use in the tobacco industry ensure high standards of hygiene


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