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Internet of Things

Get your industry fit for a successful IoT future

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing mechanical and plant engineering. Big Data, increasing automation and universal networking of equipment and components are dissolving barriers between the real and virtual worlds. Digitalization is spawning new business and service models and amazing opportunities for greater efficiency, productivity, individualization and sustainability.

Voith sees itself as a major architect of digitalization in the industrial sector. The business has bundled its digital expertise into a unique service offer - Voith Digital Solutions. Unprecedented sector know-how, IT and automation expertise, and extensive IT security competence make Voith Digital Solutions the ideal innovation partner for the digital future of industrial companies.

Our digital solutions for your sector

Commercial vehicles

From components and automation to optimized maintenance cycles – commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses operate much more efficiently and economically with digital solutions.
Explore how Voith helps fleet operators to realize low maintenance and repair costs while simultaneously maintaining high vehicle availability.

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Producing energy from hydropower requires extremely precise measuring, data processing and evaluation processes. Digital solutions render even large volumes of data usable for monitoring, analysis and diagnostic systems.

This extends the life of hydropower plants and allows them to operate at peak level, wherever they are. Explore more about digital solutions from Voith in hydropower plants:

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Marine Technology

Ships and floating platforms rely on pinpoint control as well as extremely accurate dynamic positioning - even in stormy waters. Digital solutions provide new electronic control and assistance functionality, for example, for quicker activation and more precise control of drives and remote diagnosis via the internet.

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Drive solutions from Voith ensure that machines and equipment operate more efficiently, day in and day out. Modern digital solutions also contribute to and provide predictive diagnostic and maintenance processes through data analysis.

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Oil & Gas

Machines and equipment for oil and gas production have extremely high requirements: safe processes, high product quality and low life cycle costs. Our solutions ensure that drive, control and fluid technologies operate more efficiently and safely.

Voith actuators and control systems ensure that gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors can be operated more efficiently, safely and reliably.

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Voith’s Papermaking 4.0 brings digital intelligence to papermaking - it increases efficiency, productivity and quality throughout the value-added chain in the papermaking process.

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Thermal power plants

Thermal power plants convert thermal energy into electrical or mechanical energy - the drive and control technology required here must be both reliable and powerful. Digital solutions support this process and ensure that your power plant operates efficiently and productively.

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Rail Vehicles

Voith products provide greater efficiency, higher speeds and more comfort and reliability for the rail sector. Digital solutions play a vital role in preparing goods and passenger transport for the traffic demands of the future.

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