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Refiner fillings for nearly every raw material

Pluralis Line impresses with its performance and economy

2014-04-04 - A key factor for paper quality is the refining of the pulp, but not every raw material should be measured by the same yardstick – or rather, by the same refiner filling. Against this background, Voith has developed an entire product line of refiner fillings to meet the requirements of nearly every raw material. Its name certainly sets its claim to this plurality: Pluralis.

With a total of six refiner fillings for various raw materials and mixtures of materials, the Pluralis Line of innovative refiner fillings is now complete. The range extends from the Pluralis SSF for super short fiber to the Pluralis CF for coarse fiber. They replace older fillings from Voith and can also be installed in many disk refiners not supplied by Voith.
Economical and suitable for high requirements The Pluralis Line refiner fillings were developed specifically for high requirements. Due to the adapted knife and groove geometries, shortening of fibers is reduced and both the wet web tensile strength and the strength values of the finished paper are increased. This is also confirmed in the refining carried out on the PM 4 at the Leipa Georg Leinfelder GmbH paper mill in Schwedt, Germany. Replacement of a standard filling for the newly developed Pluralis IF in the TwinFlo refiner led to improved strength development with the same increase in freeness and a higher level of availability for the paper machine.
And there is yet another argument for the Pluralis refiner fillings: their economy. The number of refiners can be reduced due to the high output transmission of Pluralis. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that the power consumption and thus the energy costs are reduced if a Pluralis refiner filling is used. The energy consumption per refiner drops by around 10%; but savings of up to 30% have also been obtained. The power costs can be reduced by up to 50,000 euros/per refiner and year by using a Pluralis filling. The easy maintenance and the longer service life of the refiner fillings also have a positive effect on the budgets of paper manufacturers.
Many paper mills have been persuaded as to the advantages of the Pluralis Line since the launch of the first SF filling (SF= short fiber) in 2006. More than 1,000 Pluralis fillings are now successfully in use worldwide. //

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