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Pulping drum successful at Marusumi Paper

News from the BlueLine family

2014-04-15 - Pulping drums pulp the recovered paper, which plays a valuable role in paper manufacturing and remove coarse contaminants from the pulp. In the course of this process, a minimum of paper fibers and a maximum of contaminants should be discharged. IntensaDrum, a new pulping drum from Voith, has been in use in the paper industry since last year, achieving markedly better results than comparable legacy technologies. IntensaDrum pulping drums are part of Voith’s BlueLine product line.

Marusumi Paper in Japan last year commissioned two IntensaDrum pulping drums, which have achieved excellent results. In comparison with the previous pulping drums, the fiber portion in the reject discharge was reduced by 90%. The flake content in the accept was reduced by a striking 35%. “We are very satisfied with their performance. Our expectations were exceeded,” says Toshikazu Ichihara, General Manager Facility & Construction at Marusumi Paper and adds: “One of the reasons why we chose the IntensaDrum from Voith is its production material. The running rings are made of high strength forged steel and wear less. We thus expect a lastingly stable run. Furthermore, we appreciate the many years of successful cooperation with Voith.” Marusumi Paper is one of the largest Japanese paper manufacturers. The company produces mainly copy and writing paper as well as newsprint and packaging paper.
Innovative and virtually maintenance-free. IntensaDrum was developed in order to pulp in the gentle high consistency range. This difficult undertaking succeeds due to an innovative and at the same time simple technology: The pulping drum consists of a pulping and a screening area. In the first part, special lifting bars lift the still extremely viscous mass and let it fall back onto the drum body. The recovered paper is thus gently pulped and neither the contaminants nor the stickies are shredded. Directly before the screening zone, a screenable stock consistency is immediately achieved due to an innovative addition of dilution water. The screening surface is thus used more efficiently and fewer fibers are lost. Due to the perforated screen plates, fibers and contaminants are gently separated since the accepts fall through the screen plates and are gathered in the accepts vat. The contaminants are rejected at the end of the drum for further treatment.
Thanks to the wear-free seal between the inlet chute and the drum it is virtually maintenance-free. This leads to fewer downtimes and thus reduces the costs for the paper manufacturer. Also the occupational safety is improved: Differently to other pulping drums the personnel can enter and leave the drum through the rear opening without any problem. A dangerous entry through the inlet chute is no longer necessary.
Voith IntensaDrum
BlueLine is the new product line for stock preparation from Voith Paper. It is characterized above all by its low consumption of energy, fibers and water. The IntensaPulper, the InfitraDiscfilter and the IntensaMaXX detrashing machine are already in use from the BlueLine portfolio. The next products to come onto the market are the InfiltraScrewpress dewatering machine as well as the IntegraScreen and IntegraGuard screens. //

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