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Screening machines turned upside down

News from the BlueLine family

2014-05-26 - Voith has updated its screening machine product portfolio. Voith’s new IntegraScreen product is a machine type with modularized components for all applications in stock preparation and broke screening and features improved fiber recovery in the final stage. Two applications from the new IntegraScreen range are in use in the industry for more than a year. The new IntegraScreen screening machines are part of Voith’s BlueLine product range.

Recovered paper is a valuable raw material for paper production, but because it is the result of waste paper collections it contains a wide variety of contaminants delivered to the paper mill. It is the job of the screening equipment in the stock preparation to separate these contaminants from the fibers. There are special types of machines for each stage, from coarse screening via IC screening and fine screening to the final tail screening stage. With its development of the IntegraScreen, Voith has literally turned its screening machine concept upside down: Unlike its predecessor models, the intake for the suspension is now at the bottom and the outlet for the rejects is at the top. One machine type in various sizes is offered for all applications. The screening machine can be equipped according to the respective requirements of each application.
Efficiency and fiber recovery improved. With its IntegraScreen concept, Voith is for the first time providing a solution which separates light particles via the same pipe as the reject itself. The advantages are obvious: additional pipes, control systems, pumps and valves are not needed in the new IntegraScreen concept. Investment costs are reduced and the maintenance outlay for these parts is eliminated. A cone on the accept side of the machine optimizes flow and thus ensures uniform pressure conditions in the screen basket. This evens the flow rate and as a result improves the efficiency of reject separation.
In IntegraScreen, fiber recovery in the final stage could be increased by feeding dilution water in an innovative manner. In combination with internal recirculation this leads to minimize fiber discharge.
Modularization reduces spare parts inventory. The IntegraScreen machines are based on a modular concept, offering machine housings of several sizes which can then be equipped with the proven Voith screening baskets and rotors for the respective applications. Modularized machine parts reduce the mill’s spare parts storage requirement. There is less maintenance and repairs are made easier.
Less energy consumption. Improving the energy efficiency was just as important when developing IntegraScreen as for all other machines in the BlueLine range. In this context, the Eclipserotor and Multifoilrotor perform especially well, with the Eclipserotor achieving energy savings of up to 30%.
BlueLine is the new product line for stock preparation from Voith Paper. It is characterized above all by its low consumption of energy, fibers and water. Products from the BlueLine range already in use are the IntensaPulper, the InfitraDiscfilter disk filter, the IntensaMaXX detrashing machine, the IntensaDrum pulping drum and the IntegraScreen screening machine. The next products destined for the market are IntegraGuard and the InfiltraScrewpress dewatering machine. //