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Yinge Tissue Paper thrilled with shoe presses

Two identical production lines now in operation

2014-06-04 - The Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Company in the Chinese province of Henan has had a successful first year of operation from its two identical production lines for tissue paper. The systems both have a special feature – their Voith NipcoFlex T shoe presses. They increase the dry content after the press section and lower energy consumption by 20% in the dryer section. The company operating them is completely satisfied with the performance of both systems.

Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd. was founded 20 years ago. It is located in the city of Luohe, which is one of the smaller cities in China with 2.5 million residents. Luohe is in the province of Henan, which is regarded as the cradle of Chinese culture and is one of the most densely populated regions in China.
Voith delivered two identical lines for production of tissue paper in a basis weight range of 12 – 30 g/m2 to Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper in 2012. The lines include the entire stock preparation, the wet end process and the paper machines, from the headbox to the reel.
“We can consolidate and expand our position in the Chinese market with the new machines.”
ShiJin Zhang, General Manager Yinge Tissue Paper
Voith Project Manager Thomson Cai remembers there was some uncertainty about the NipcoFlex T during installation and machine optimization. But the Voith engineers, with strong support from Luohe mill personnel, were able to overcome the challenges during the process and optimize the machines up to their maximum operating conditions. Meanwhile, Yinge Tissue Paper has long been convinced that the concept works well and is glad to have decided in favor of the NipcoFlex T. “The shoe presses bring outstanding results. We obtain a dry content after the press that is 5% higher than with conventional technologies. Thus we save 20% of the thermal energy in the dryer section,” says QiFeng Wang, Vice General Manager at Yinge Tissue Paper.
The company produces tissue paper from virgin fibers on the Yinge I & II tissue machines. The machines are designed for an operating speed of 1900 m/min and an annual production of about 60,000 metric tons each with paper width of 5,550 mm on the reel section. Included in the delivery were two complete lines with a 2-layer headbox, CrescentFormer, NipcoFlex T shoe presses, Yankee cylinders and full hydraulic reel section.
The start-up of the two systems wasn’t always easy for the teams at Voith and Yinge. Due to the new technology, implementation took a bit longer than planned, but the end result was very good for everyone involved. All parameters guaranteed by Voith were achieved and Yinge Tissue Paper issued an unrestricted acceptance for both lines. And the paper manufacturer is also satisfied with its investment, as ShiJin Zhang, General Manager at Yinge Tissue Paper, confirms: “We can consolidate and expand our position in the Chinese market with the new machines. We are now in a position to meet the increasing requirements of our customers regarding quality and quantity and have thus achieved our aim.”

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