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NanoGloss: the new cover for calender rolls

2014-09-18 - A roll cover for calenders that could give paper a high level of gloss but also be highly rugged, was until recently nothing but wishful thinking. However, NanoGloss, the new calender roll cover from Voith, combines both characteristics: it has a high level of mechanical stability and gives the paper gloss. At Perlen Papier in Switzerland, NanoGloss has already proven its qualities in continuous operation.

NanoGloss is a multilayer fiber-reinforced roll cover and can be used in all positions on supercalenders, soft calenders and multi-nip calenders. It combines the advantages of an abrasion-resistant fiber-reinforced cover with an extremely fine and homogeneous surface that creates gloss on the paper.
Perlen Papier AG in Switzerland produces coated LWC paper on its PM 4 online paper machine. The new NanoGloss from Voith has been in use for more than two years on the Janus MK 2 of the machine. The roll cover was able to quickly convince the paper makers at Perlen of its strengths. As the head of technology Sylvain André confirms: “The cover adds two points of gloss in comparison to a standard cover”. And that is measurable on a sustained basis over the entire period of use.” Stefan Schacher, the PM 4 technical supervisor, is also very satisfied: “The running time of the NanoGloss has remained very long. We don’t have to accept any trade-offs regarding operational reliability or grinding interval.” “You can only consider that a complete success,” both are convinced. The fact that this is possible is due to the clever combination of the proven nano-particles in the functional layer with innovative fiber reinforcement in the top layer. The nano-particles ensure a long running time. The top layer has a completely new and finer surface topography. Since the online Janus MK 2 of the PM 4 is one of the highest loaded positions, the extreme reliability and robustness of NanoGloss is also proven. NanoGloss provides for the best calendering results even in the most demanding calenders.//

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