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High dewatering capacity, low abrasive wear

InForce: the new polyurethane roll cover for the press section

2014-11-06 - Voith has brought a new roll cover onto the market. InForce is the product name of the innovative polyurethane cover for the press. It is a further development of the acclaimed solid G2000 roll cover. Equipped with the proven features of its predecessor, InForce, however, is even harder and more abrasion-resistant which makes new surface dimensions possible.

Roll covers in the press perform the most difficult work. They have to absorb large amounts of water, withstand maximum compressive forces and must remain their surface stability over the entire life cycle. With InForce, Voith is presenting a new generation of roll covers that meets these tough requirements. InForce is harder and has a higher E-Modulus than previous polyurethane covers. Its grooves thus maintain more stability. Hence a larger void volume which remains over the entire life cycle of the roll cover can be provided. InForce roll covers are offered with grooves of different depths and widths for graphic as well as board and packaging paper grades. Due to its high level of stability, it is very well suited for use in heavily stressed press nips, where it withstands pressures of more than 12 megapascals.
InForce has now been installed in more than a dozen paper machines and has proven its capability and stability. The void volume of its grooves is up to 50% more than with conventional covers. The dewatering of the press section is increased considerable. The new roll cover has likewise shown its abrasion resistance in the paper industry. A conventional polyurethane cover and InForce were each examined after 12 months of running time. The result was clear: with the InForce cover, 60% less abrasion was measured.//