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Screening with BlueLine

Cost-effective, efficient and gentle on fibers

2015-08-19 - Screening plays a key role in the preparation of recovered paper, as it not only removes coarse contaminants but also small and very fine impurities. Papermakers expect low fiber losses, low energy consumption and effective removal of stickies. The BlueLine product range for stock preparation has been developed to meet these requirements. The latest product from the BlueLine family is the C-bar HerculeX screen basket.

The IntegraScreen and IntegraGuard from Voith are two screening machines for stock preparation and the approach flow system. In combination with rotors and screen baskets, they are adapted to the specific requirements of paper manufacturing.

IntegraScreen: a screening machine concept turned on its head
IntegraScreen is the screening machine for various applications in the stock preparation. With its development of IntegraScreen, Voith has literally turned its screening machine concept upside down: It differs from its predecessors since the intake for the suspension is at the bottom and the outlet for the rejects is at the top. For the first time in this solution, the light contaminants are separated along with the reject via the same pipe. The advantages are obvious: there is no need for additional piping, instrumentation, pumps and valves. A cone in the machine optimizes the flow on the accept side and ensures uniform pressure conditions over the screen basket. This evens out the screen passing velocity and as a result improves the efficiency of contaminant separation.

IntegraGuard: high-quality protection in the approach flow system
IntegraGuard is the screening machine for the approach flow system, where it is particularly important to prevent pulsations, deposits and stringings because they can cause sheet breaks. This is why the IntegraGuard housing is designed to achieve a homogeneous screen passing velocity. The new head piece improves the flow profile in the machine and allows to reduce the rotor speed while maintaining the rotor’s efficiency.
C-bar HerculeX: Hybrid technology makes for a strong screen basket
The C-bar technology used in screen baskets to achieve effective screening with fine slot geometries was first launched on the market by Voith more than 25 years ago and has been constantly refined and improved ever since. The new C-bar HerculeX is regarded as the strongest screen basket on the market to date and can withstand very high loads. It is made of wear-resistant material and is suitable for various applications in pre-screening and fine screening, fractionation, broke and thick stock screening and also in the approach flow system. C-bar HerculeX has very large open screening areas and a special bar geometry. The new screen basket can be tailored to the respective screening requirements and production conditions by varying the widths, slot widths and angles of the bars.

Its exceptionally high stability and strength are thanks to its patented hybrid technology, a reworking of Voith’s clamping technology. An individually customizable chrome layer provides wear protection. The screen basket can be used in all Voith and third party screening machines and is suitable for all paper grades. The best screening results are achieved in combination with a Voith rotor.

MultiFoil rotor and EclipseRotor Voith offers various rotors for its screening equipment, most notably the EclipseRotor and the MultiFoil rotor. The EclipseRotor was developed specifically for screening applications with a high level of contaminants. It is suitable for energy-efficient use in stock preparation and pulp screening and can be installed in Voith screening equipment and in centrifugal pressure screens from other manufacturers. Thanks to its flat but effective foil geometry, the EclipseRotor generates strong suction and achieves a very high stock throughput with very low energy consumption for pulp consistencies up to 5%.

Voith’s MultiFoil rotor was developed for use in the stock preparation and approach flow systems. Its special foil geometry prevents stringings and undesirable pulsations. Optimum suction impulses and a uniform flow profile combined with a low rotor speed help to make the screening process gentle and energy-saving. The MultiFoil rotor can be installed in the two Voith screens, in all vertical screens and in the machines of other manufacturers for centrifugal pressure screens.

Low costs for inventory and maintenance. The screening machines, screen baskets and rotors from the BlueLine product range are easy to operate and easy to maintain. Their spare and wear parts are standardized, allowing life cycle costs to be optimized.
Voith BlueLine range for stock preparation

The BlueLine product range from Voith comprises modern machines and products for stock preparation that are characterized above all through the efficient use of energy and other raw materials and by gentle treatment of the fibers.

The BlueLine range includes e.g. the IntensaMaXX pulper detrashing machine, the IntensaDrum pulping drum, the InfiltraScrewpress screw press, the IntegraScreen and IntegraGuard screening machines and the InfiltraDiscfilter.