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OnV FeltView for press felt measurements offers energy savings, maximum productivity and safety

The OnV FeltView system developed by Voith enables accurate, continuous and especially safe real-time measurement of press felt moisture and permeability. The OnV FeltView system supports paper manufacturers with both routine operation and troubleshooting, as it makes profile and trend information constantly available.
OnV FeltView consists of a cross-beam and a carriage fitted with sensors for measuring moisture and permeability. This means that sporadic manual measurements by operating personnel are no longer necessary. The system offers the paper manufacturer significant benefits in respect of cross-profile problems and daily operation of the plant: On the one hand, profile problems can now be identified in the measurement profile at an early stage, allowing appropriate remedial action to be taken. On the other hand, the manufacturer is now able to tailor the felt conditioning process to the actual measured condition of the felt. As a result, the felt can always be operated so as to optimize runability and dewatering, all without risking the health of operating personnel.

The innovative OnV FeltView technology is already being used successfully by nine tissue manufacturers. The condition of the press felt in tissue production is crucial to the runability of the entire plant as well as for gas and steam consumption. If the felt is in an optimum condition, massive energy savings and maximum productivity levels are possible. With OnV FeltView and a wide range of extra services Voith is helping paper manufacturers to achieve these goals. The OnView information system, which integrates the data from OnV FeltView, facilitates a highly efficient analysis of historical and current felt data.


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