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NanoGloss: New calender roll cover from Voith ensures long-lasting gloss and uniform smoothness

With NanoGloss, Voith brings a new calender roll cover onto the market that combines two important characteristics: a high level of mechanical stability and a high level of gloss on the paper. In its first field tests, the new cover achieved impressive results with an increase in gloss points. The paper produced with NanoGloss stands out with its high level of gloss and uniform smoothness.
NanoGloss is a multilayer roll cover which can be used in all positions on super, soft and multi-nip calenders. The proven, innovative finer surface topography achieves a high level of gloss improvement. In contrast to conventional calender roll covers, NanoGloss retains its exceptional surface characteristics between each regrind. The matrix structure of NanoGloss also guarantees the highest levels of stability and resistance. Furthermore, NanoGloss can be repaired just as easily as any other Voith calender roll cover.

Thanks to the characteristics of the new calender roll cover, inflexibility, wear and damage are prevented. Paper manufacturers can therefore enjoy reliable operation with NanoGloss.


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