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Brigl & Bergmeister: Voith delivers SpeedSizer and contactless drying for Niklasdorf PM 3

Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH in Niklasdorf, Austria, contracted with Voith for the delivery of a SpeedSizer applicator unit and a contactless dryer for the Niklasdorf PM 3. The startup of the rebuild is planned for summer 2015. The contract is the first step in a multi-stage development plan, with the goal of improving the quality and speed of the production line.
Because a broad range of wet-strength label papers are produced on the PM 3, there are a variety of demands on the applicator unit. The large number of different coating colors requires a high degree of flexibility in order to achieve excellent paper characteristics. SpeedSizer allows the targeted adjustment of the technical parameters to the individual specifications.

Along with the SpeedSizer, the delivery also includes a new CB-Turn for non-contact web turning, before it is dried using a space-saving combination of infrared heaters and downstream air hood. The high-performance, contactless dryer qDry Pro is especially energy-saving, because the air hood is heated exclusively from the hot exhaust air of the infrared heater.

The signing of the contract in mid-November capped off extensive and detailed project work, where the complete process was run on Voith pilot machines, consisting of SpeedSizer applicator unit, offline coating machine, and supercalender.

Brigl & Bergmeister chose Voith as a partner for this project, because Voith has many years of experience and the corresponding major expertise for specialty paper machines. Another factor is that the SpeedSizer applicator unit is one of the proven components in the Voith portfolio.

The Brigl & Bergmeister Group is part of the Roxcel Group, based in Vienna, and one of the leading manufacturers of label papers and flexible packaging papers.