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Voith launches new rubber roll covers for film and sizing presses on the market: potential savings of EUR 50,000 a year

The market launch of Voith’s UniFilm and UniSize, two rubber roll covers for film and size presses, is the start of a new product series. The wish to offer economic benefits to papermakers played an important role in the development of the Uni series. For example, the development goal for the UniFilm roll cover was to substantially extend the metering rod service life.
Voith developed the UniFilm rubber roll cover for use in film presses, while UniSize was specially optimized for the requirements of puddle size presses. Both roll covers feature a new polymer matrix and new base layer structure that ensures maximum bonding to the roll core. Another new feature is the integration of an innovative filler system that creates the very uniform and stable surface roughness that is crucial to achieving a high-quality coating.

The UniSize roll cover has better mechanical properties than standard roll covers and therefore offers greater resistance in the event of web breaks. The new UniFilm cover for applicator rolls impresses with its high abrasion resistance and longer metering rod service life thanks to micro-lubrication. Extensive trials and test series in European paper mills have provided proof that metering rod service life is actually extended thanks to UniFilm. Savings can be up to EUR 50,000 per year.


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Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

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