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Voith: New Paper product successful in the market

Voith announces the sale of the 100th HydroSeal sealing strip system for suction rolls. Another step up the ladder of success for the sealing strip system after the State of Baden-Württemberg had awarded Voith with its Environmental Technology Prize for the HydroSeal in July.
HydroSeal is a sealing strip system with an integrated lubrication water feed for paper machine suction rolls. Since it was launched on the market, the HydroSeal has been used successfully in all suction roll types and for the production of all paper grades. “An important success factor is without doubt the fact that the patented design meets the ever-growing demand for resource-conserving production with low water and energy use. In both these respects, the HydroSeal has meanwhile demonstrated its effectiveness worldwide," says Jochen Honold, Global Product Manager Mechanical Roll Service at Voith Paper.

The benefit to the environment is immense: the rebuild of just a single suction roll achieves savings of up to 20,000 m³ fresh water and waste water per year. This volume is equivalent to the contents of around eight Olympic swimming pools. The energy savings possible with HydroSeal are also considerable: up to 1 million kWh per year.


Gudrun Köpf

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