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Voith and the Oscars® – a Short Story about the Night’s Glamorous Envelopes

Los Angeles
“And the Oscar goes to…“ – these magic words will once again make 24 movie stars very happy at the 88th presentation of the Academy Awards®. The famous stage at the Dolby Theater® will also feature a little piece of Voith, when the world’s entertainment industry is looking excitedly at the golden envelopes. Because the paper for the envelopes, which currently contain the presumably 24 best kept secrets of the film industry, originates from a paper machine made by Voith.

Gmund Treasury – this is the name of the award-worthy paper used for the Oscar® envelopes. Gmund Papier (Gmund Paper) produces the glamorous paper on its paper machine PM 407 from Voith. In 1979, the first high-quality papers made on PM 407 rolled off the production line at the Gmund paper makers. Voith originally built the machine for a Swiss paper manufacturer. After a rebuild, it was brought to Gmund at Lake Tegernsee, where it continues to make its special contribution to the Oscar® ceremony for the fifth time.