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Magma and MagmaHigh: New Dryer Fabrics from Voith for the High-temperature Range

  • Heat-resistant material for high-temperature ranges
  • Clean machine run due to proven weave pattern
  • Predictable servicing schedule for cost-efficient operation
Voith has enhanced its CleanWeave product range with the new Magma and MagmaHigh dryer fabrics. Magma dryer fabrics are made from hydrolysis-resistant PPS which ensures performance in the hottest dryer positions.

Extreme temperatures in some paper machines put dryer fabrics under severe stress and call for special material properties. Hydrolysis-resistant PPS reduces the stress on the fabric, allows service intervals to be proper-ly planned and thus prevents unscheduled machine downtimes. Moreover, both Magma and MagmaHigh use the weave pattern that has already prov-en effective in the CleanWeave product range. The weave structure fea-tures industry low internal void volume, which significantly reduces dirt within the fabric. Due to its relatively low number of yarn crossover points, this compact weave pattern makes surface cleaning easier and ensures constant air permeability. This guarantees that the fabric maintains its air permeability for optimum drying and web running properties over its entire service life.

The superior reliability of Magma and MagmaHigh dryer fabrics makes plan-ning easier and ultimately leads to more efficient and economic paper ma-chine operation. As well as the dryer fabrics, Voith offers excellent service support and associated consultancy services.


Matthias Herms

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

Global Market Communication Manager


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