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Product of the month July: DuoShake & CarboForm

High-frequency shaking preserves resources
The combination of the light CarboForm roll and the DuoShake shaking unit lowers resource consumption and saves operating materials. In addition, paper quality is even further improved. The DuoShake shaking unit has been demonstrating its advantages in 240 paper plants with different machine speeds and basis weights worldwide. The CarboForm is lightweight: With only about 40% of what a comparable steel roll weighs, it allows higher shaking numbers and leads to better formation of the paper. In addition, lower shaking forces are needed with identical shaking parameters. The high form tolerance of the roll makes a decisive contribution to its success.

The CarboForm and DuoShake combination is already successfully used in over 100 installations worldwide.

Stora Enso places particularly high quality demands on the paper grades produced on the PM 6 (wire width of 9,100mm) in Oulu, Finland. Therefore Stora Enso decided to install a DuoShake of the size 600 in combination with a CarboForm roll. The right decision – as formation of the high-quality wood-free coated board significantly improved."
Walter Blum, Product Manager DuoShake