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Operating Speed of Cheng Loong TM 16 Provided by Voith Breaks World Records Substantially Ahead of the Industry in Several Indexes

Chupei, Taiwan: In Taiwan the Cheng Loong TM 16 tissue machine provided by Voith successfully passed its guarantee test recently. Its operating speed is up to 2,001 m/min, which is the fastest speed with a steam hood in the world, leading the industry in several performance indexes.
In the guarantee test, TM 16 kept running at 2,001 m/min for 8 hours and reached all guarantee indexes. At this record-breaking high speed, the steam consumption of the TM 16 is still very low, at only 1.65 metric ton of steam per ton paper. And the after-press dryness, at up to 46.5%, is very high. All these indexes represent the highest industry standards.

The startup of the TM 16 took place in September 2015. With a wire width of 3,680 mm, the TM 16 is designed for a maximum speed of 2,200 m/min. It is equipped with the NipcoFlex T shoe press, a 5.5 meter steel Yankee and a high-performance steam hood. It features an automatic filtering system for the steam hood, which is the first supplied by Voith in the world.

Established in 1959, Cheng Loong Corporation is not only Taiwan's largest manufacturer of industrial paper and paper converting products, but also one of the world's top one hundred paper companies. Cheng Loong has four paper mills, seven paper box plants and one business form plant. It has also established manufacturing and sales sites in China, Vietnam, Japan, and the United States. The group’s annual capacity of paper products (paper and paperboard) and paper converting products are 2.12 million metric tons and 2 billion square meters, respectively.


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